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Hi :)

Ps. To use now the new edition of my Website and enjoy there :) please "use these 3 stripes" and do "click" to open a "side bar" with news windows and pages mine (as gallery, channel, shop,  celia blog, recipes and more!) :D Plus on the left (or right) side of my page maybe have a "black strip" please "click on" and will open a new window "side bar" (with more applications), I hope you  can enjoy there and thanks for your visits x

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Mi Gato Negro

"El gato negro, era una deidad en las culturas paganas antiguas, en la brujeria era utilizado para practicas satanicas, era adorado de Efeso en la era Cristiana, era un simbolo de divinidad para los Egipcios, los Celtas desarrollaron un miedo particular a este mistico animal, pues creian que era transformado en una persona, ellos pensaban que la diosa Wicca celtica se convirtio en gato negro para unirse a su hermano y tantas historias mas que se dicen del gato negro”... Sinceramente, yo pienso que no existe color malo que nos haga ser malvado, muchos sacrifican a los pobres gatos negros en la noche de Halloween, en practicas satanicas y a lo cual yo NO soy de acuerdo, por tal motivo he escrito mi Cuento Fantastico, donde es una historia dedicada a todos los gatos negros en el mundo"

MI GATO NEGRO Genere: Cuento Fantastico Autor: Celia Bailes © Amadriadi
Copyright Protection Warning: El Autor Celia Bailes © Amadriadi ha registrado su trabajo en www.ProtectedMyWork & SafeCreati…


Hello :)

In recent months, many things have happened to me (good & bad), to which I am fighting "against the current adversity" because it's my nature to overcome my obstacles & achieve my harmony.

Maybe I had a big break or maybe this is to give me a boost to my work and ideas

I have accumulated many ideas, work, to finish, to start and I know that I should only have "patience", a word that for all this time I have managed to appreciate

Thank you very much for following me here on my website, for my pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,
Thanks for your emails and comments

My Books and Short Stories are ready, just missing the illustrations and gift souvenirs

I have also prepared "sketches" of my characters that I hope you love

The most important thing today is "never stop to dreaming" the adversities are moments of tests do not give up...I try!



I'm preparing sequences of some characters mine in sketches, I hope you will love it

Thank you for follow me!!


Fantasy & Learning

My next character...They contain Fantasia, Adventures, Drama and Learning

Thank you for follow me!!


Mistery & Crime

My next character...They contain Mysteries, Thriller, Adventure, Crime and at the ending at an unexpected end

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Recipes & Thoughts

My next character...Not just Recipes will be much more and the collection of my Thoughts

Thank you for follow me!!