15 May 2018


Hello :)

In recent months, many things have happened to me (good & bad), to which I am fighting "against the current adversity" because it's my nature to overcome my obstacles & achieve my harmony.

Maybe I had a big break or maybe this is to give me a boost to my work and ideas

I have accumulated many ideas, work, to finish, to start and I know that I should only have "patience", a word that for all this time I have managed to appreciate

Thank you very much for following me here on my website, for my pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest,
Thanks for your emails and comments

My Books and Short Stories are ready, just missing the illustrations and gift souvenirs

I have also prepared "sketches" of my characters that I hope you love

The most important thing today is "never stop to dreaming" the adversities are moments of tests do not give up. . . I try!